Terminator: Dark Fate “You Can’t Fry Math”

Jona: It was perfectly fine as an action movie. I could watch Mackenzie Davis in an action roll forever. That’s pretty much all it had going for it for me personally. The de-aging which, is now such a weird trend, was not that great in the beginning. I didn’t love it.

The Coke ad at the beginning was actually the best thing. It’ll go down in history as one of the best ads both visually and way that it’s propaganda that says “delicious” over and over is really interesting and I’d like to watch that again. I wonder if you can watch it on YouTube?

Yeah, it was a return to the franchise’s rich history. It felt like a Terminator movie like no other can. I was perfectly fine.

Claire: Okay, I’ll start off by saying that it was not a good movie. But I liked it? I know it wasn’t a good movie. But I liked watching him most of the time.

I think that this idea that the enemy is the machine is a ludicrous fantasy and is just distracting us from the real reality that the enemy is the other human beings and what they do with the machine. And the way that it focuses on the physical property of the robot is just ridiculous. I mean I get that its cathartic for our world and maybe that is a good thing?

The way they talked about a I was ludicrous. Frying a neural net is you know, it’s not possible. It’s just math. You can’t fry math.

Yeah Mackenzie Davis is a goddess among women and she’s perfect and beautiful. I love her.

Norberto: I mean, I feel like I just have to keep saying the same thing about every movie we keep seeing. I don’t understand the idea of keeping a franchise going when you’re not expanding on the franchise at all. It’s just “Let’s just keep making the same movie. This time we’ll get a woman as the hero because women are cool now and we’ll get a Mexican because brown people, they’re getting made fun of her something? It’s like weird for them. So let’s make a movie that they’ll like so that maybe they’ll give us their money.”

It’s weird. The whole thing freaks me out. It’s a little upsetting. It’s a little bit of a slap in the face because I’m obviously brown.

The Coke ad was really good. I mean, it’s good. It’s a good ad. It’s like they’re trying to trick me but I believe it. I really believe how delicious the Coke is.

This review is from 3 Minute Review, a short podcast where each person gives a one minute review of a movie immediately after seeing it.