Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw “Do Better”

Kathryn: There’s a lot that I could say about this movie. Man versus machine is one of the themes but the main thing that I want to say, which has a little bit to do with man versus machine is there’s moment – this is not so much a spoiler because it happens in the first third – where Idris Elba flies through a double-decker bus because he’s this “bionic man,” and he’s got this amazing bike that activates I guess was some kind of biometric thing and he’s in this suit and he’s like a Superman. He calls himself black Superman in the movie. 

Anyway, he’s foiled at one point after flying through the double-decker bus and putting a hole through it. And when he gets up and realizes that Hobbes and Shaw have eluded him, he smashes down his helmet and a big piece of plastic flies off his helmet and it breaks and I was like, “Guys that’s… Do better.”

Mike: This movie tried so hard and succeeded in being “fun.” But what a giant pile of dog shit as as a film. I hated it. I hated everything about it. There’s not a single interesting part and I’ll just give you a huge spoiler: Ryan Reynolds is the secret bad guy. It’s so obvious from his barely computerized voice that they’re setting it up with the little hidden scene at the end and I just felt like it was a giant steaming pile… I’m done.

Norberto: Here’s the thing. There’s two kinds of storytelling developing now and this is the old kind of storytelling where it’s very binary and there’s no character development whatsoever. 

It’s just like I’m bad, you’re good, fight it out. Good guys will probably win after hooking up with a bunch of Samoans. There’s always like a thing where a bunch of people get together and save the day. I mean, I can’t say anything other than Hollywood has figured out how to create cocaine in the form of visual stimulus. So I don’t think anybody needs to do cocaine anymore. Just watch Hobbes and Shaw. 

This review is from 3 Minute Review, a short podcast where each person gives a one minute review of a movie immediately after seeing it.