Gemini Man “I Just Didn’t Care”

Mike: I found frustrating in the way that I find every movie that villainizes a corporation. Why does the company have to be bad? You have this whole military-industrial complex and, “oh murder is fine. We don’t mind murder!”

But they had to make the corporation bad. And I had a problem with the special effects when they were crawling through the like convenience store… All of the items were exploding, which was cool, but they were so inappropriately placed. Perfectly placed if you want exploding wine bottles next to popcorn but those are not packaged goods that would be placed together. No store manager would put a wine bottle down with the chips and popcorn. And the CG was… a little rough.

Jaclyn: Overall the central moral question of the movie being whether a clone of a human being without any parents or other emotional baggage is a more appropriate “asset” in times of war was overshadowed by the lack of character development.

Because the thing that would cause us to say no that moral question is that our experiences of life are what make us human and we really didn’t see that. I would have liked that to have been at the heart of it.

Otherwise, a few great action sequences, pretty corny dialogue, but ultimately it was a fun watch. It needed a bit better comic relief, a little more action sequences, and more character development to get to the heart of the moral question.

Norberto: Usually when I watch a film I find a way to be in the film. I feel in it, like everything is relatable. I have this gift or whatever… I relate to every character in the film all at once all the time. But I just didn’t care about anyone in this film at all.

And I think it has something to do with an old way of telling stories. People know how to tell stories from the why perspective and that drives a really great story. Whereas Gemini Man is just “what what what what what.” Will Smith’s character took the cloning awfully fucking well! I’d be freaking out for at least days, you know? “You’re me? Okay, let’s talk this through… What? This doesn’t make any sense?”

But I mean Will Smith. I just love him. I love Will Smith. So thumbs up.

This review is from 3 Minute Review, a short podcast where each person gives a one minute review of a movie immediately after seeing it.